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Autumn de Forest is a 16 - year - old professional artist who has been painting since she was age five. Over her decade long career, Autumn’s extraordinary path has been distinguished by a myriad of achievements, including being the youngest artist in history to have a solo exhibition at a major American museum, The Butler Institute of American Art.


Recently, Autumn was honored at the Vatican for her profound influence on Arts and Culture, being one of only a handful of young people worldwide who were chosen for changing the world for the better. Her private audience with Pope Francis remains the most significant encounter in her life.


Autumn de Forest is the youngest artist ever to be appointed to the President's Committee for The Arts and Humanities, and was personally invited by First Lady, Michelle Obama.


Autumn’s creative prowess and journey is no fluke. It is the continuation of a legacy that extends over 150 years in a family that includes recognized twentieth century American painters: Roy de Forest (1930–2007); Lockwood de Forest (1850–1932), California plein- air painter; and George de Forest Brush (1855–1941).

Her works are collected around the world, and sell for up to $50,000. She has been confirmed as a “profound artistic prodigy” by leading US researcher on child prodigies, Dr. Joanne Ruthsatz, Psychology Professor at The Ohio State University.

Equal to her creative endeavors as a fine artist is Autumn’s commitment to humanitarian causes and giving back. The Autumn de Forest Foundation continues to bestow contributions worldwide, most recently for the Aleppo incident (please see Aleppo painting on the following page). Some of Autumn’s philanthropic efforts include: The Red Cross, Habitat for Humanity, Sandy Relief, Boston One and relief efforts in Haiti and Japan. To date, her generosity has exceeded half a million dollars.

Autumn has lectured for global corporations, universities, government agencies, and has been invited to speak at Harvard University on the importance of the arts in education.

Since her career began, Autumn’s vision and philosophy is that her creativity and humanitarian efforts will be forever linked.

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